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Beyond the Eyewear

  • Cancer (June 21-July 22)

    Happy Birthday Cancer!

    Cancer Symbol

    If you were born between June 21st – July 22 you were born under the sign of the crab. You are known for being nurturing, caring, and compassionate. Although the fourth sign in the zodiac, you ought to be the 1st; considering how motherly you tend to be! Not only are you sensitive to others, but you are a protector of those you love. Putting your friends, family, and partner first - you will not back down when it comes to people you hold close to your heart. You are a water sign, along with your siblings Scorpio and Pisces, which means you tend to lead your life with your emotions. Because you are the first water sign, you actually feel deeper than any other sign out there.  No wonder the crab is a perfect symbol for you! You're tough on the outside, but a big mush ball of cuteness on the inside. Your ruling planet is the Moon; meaning you love security and a sense of home. So just like a crab, when things get a little overwhelming, you like to retreat back to safe territory.

    Cancer Strength Keywords: Nurturing, Compassionate, Introverted, Protective

    Cancer Weakness Keywords: Moody, Passive-aggressive, Over Emotional

    Coming soon: 3124-FLREV

    Although we can go to Cancers for emotional support, they can sometimes take advantage of that. Cancers can easily read emotions and make it easy for others to open up to them (when they are always there for you and give such great advice - how can you not want to open up?!) but they can abuse that power to get what they want. And you never want to start an argument with a Cancer; unless you're willing to get passive-aggressive comments and responses from them. Because they are the first water sign, the have a hard time controlling how deep they feel the whole spectrum of emotions.. so, it can be daunting to be around them going from one extreme to the next. Trust me, as an Aries, I understand moody tendencies but Cancers can take it to another level. And let us say, since you guys can be over emotional, #NotAllCancers; we don't want to make you guys cry or anything.. I mean - you are our mothers. Regardless of the weaknesses you have (and we all have them!), the zodiac would fall apart without the strong yet tender care of Cancers. You hold us together and help us when we fall apart. And - from the baby of the zodiac to you - we appreciate every bit of you; the good and bad!

    Below we have some sunnies we think fit your personality! Be sure to check out our website for more styles!

    LISA- Two Tone Cat Eye Sunnies with Flat Color Mirror Lens

    TASHA- Vintage Style Angular Flat Mirror Lens Sunglasses

    WISTERIA- Modified Metal Aviators with Flat Lens
  • Summer Fun

    Looking for summer activities to do in SoCal? Well look no more!

    There are bound to be days where you're just kind of sitting around debating on what sounds fun and wind up just staying at home because you can't make up your mind. Today, we will recommend 3 of our favorite summer activities to do for this summer.


    Food Festivals

    Food these days have been getting more and more creative. There are tons of new items to try out such as ramen in a boba cup, 2 split bobas in one cup, uni pasta, and tons more. The thing is, they're all so spread apart location wise, its hard to try them all out. The best way to try them all out is at food festivals and events.

    Smorgasburg is a food filled event that happens on ever Sunday in DTLA. They have chicken steaks as big as your face, giant XLB, and garlic noodles piled high with lobster. If you want good food, this is definitely the place to visit!

    626/OC Night Markets. If you're feeling adventurous and craving some Asian food, this is the event to go to! They're located near the Santa Anita Mall and the other is at OC Fairgrounds. Get here early and avoid the crowd!


    Don't forget to make some s'mores!


    There's nothing more relaxing than hanging out at the beach with a couple of friends in front of a bonfire. A lot of beaches don't permit bonfires anymore but we know Huntington Beach still does for sure and they have fire pits for your bonfires. Huntington beach has a few fire pits that is a few blocks away from DTHB. We suggest getting some food first (DTHB has a great poke place called North Shore Poke Co. that i highly recommend) and then walking down the beach until you get to the fire pits. Get here early because people like to claim the pits early.




    Cute date night idea!

    Drive In Theaters:

    If you're looking for something romantic to do with your SO, we recommend drive in theaters. Drive in theaters are great for a cute date night, relax in your car, bring something to munch on, and turn up the volume. Mission Tiki in Pomona is pretty nice, the radio station they turn you to is pretty clear and they have great prices. Vineland Drive-In in City of Industry is pretty great too! They have a snack bar so if you forget yours, you can go to theirs and check out their snacks.



    There you have it! Our ideal summer events. We wish you all a happy summer and have fun!

  • Deskersize! Round 2

    Is YOUR summer bod ready?

    It's not too late to get that summer bod ready for Vegas or EDC! If you work a 40 hour desk job, you must think there's no time to go to the gym or you're too tired to go after work. You could always go to the gym before work but between working out or sleeping, getting more sleep is the obvious choice. We have a few moves that you can discreetly do at your desk to get you in shape and build some muscle!

    Show it off!


    • Try bicep curls, grab a hefty stapler or even a water bottle or two. Start with palms facing up and curl the arm up towards the chest, just like a regular dumbbell. Complete 12-15 reps and switch arms.
    • Desk push-ups. Take a few steps back into a plank position and place your hands on the desk, lean into the desk and slowly push away. Complete 2-3 sets of 12 reps each.



    1. Ab squeezes are a great silent exercise that can be done sitting at your desk while working. Simply take a deep breath while tightening the abdominal muscles and squeeze and hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat for 12-15 reps.
    2. Desk Crunches are also a smart way to tone your abs at your desk. Simply lean your upper body to your thighs while curling the chest towards the legs. Hold for 10 seconds and release. Complete 12-15 reps.


    After a few weeks/months of doing these exercises, you should start feeling a bit stronger and seeing some results. Get read to flaunt yourself at the pool! Have fun!

  • Edgeiwear's Sun's Out Weekly Giveaway

    Hey Edgers!

    It's finally feeling like summer in California! & We're giving away a pair of sunglasses each week for the whole month of June!

    How to Enter: Give us a hollar on any of our images on Instagram for the week to enter. All you have to do is hashtag #SunsOutShadesOut with your comment and it will count as one entry. Multiple entries are welcome to increase your chance of winning!

    New giveaways will start on Fridays and end on Wednesdays the following week. Check back every week in June to enter!

    Enter & Follow Us here on IG:

    Week 3: June 16 - June 21 Enter to win #EdgeiwearSummer !

    Week 2: June 9 - June 14 Enter to win #EdgeiwearJillian ! Ended


    Week 1: June 2 - June 7 Enter to win #EdgeiwearBetty ! Ended

  • Summer Fashion 101

    Whites, stripes, and florals. Oh My!

    There are so many new (and recycled) trends going on every year, one might be confused on what to do. One year it's bralettes and chokers, the other year it's daisy dukes, who knows what's going to happen this year? But don't worry, we have paired some outfit choices with our sunglasses to give you an idea of what will be the trend this summer!

    Outfit 1: White pants paired with a bright colored tops are extremely popular this year. You can also go white on white but make sure to accessorize with something flashy such as sunglasses with color mirrored lenses so you don't look too washed out!

    Photo from Mura Boutique

    Matilda- Round Horned Rim Sunnies with Flat Mirrored Lens















    Outfit 2: Off the shoulder tops have been trending everywhere this year. Now that it is summer, show off those sun kissed shoulders with a pretty off the shoulder top! Stripes are super popular this summer so make sure to get a top with THIN vertical stripes! We aren't trying to look like Beetlejuice this year. If you're wearing a colorful outfit, pair with something more neutral like a solid toned pair of sunglasses.

    Photo from Vicing

    Simone- Metal Angular Sunnies with Flat Ocean Color Lens














    Outfit 3: The outfit for this post, comes from our lovely photographer, Jessica Hunter at Chic & Disheveled! Florals have always been around, they make an appearance almost every year during spring and summer. Whether it's in the form of floral tops, floral kimonos, floral dresses... it's everywhere. Florals are making a comeback on sundresses this year but ever since male rompers arrived on the scene a few weeks ago, lady rompers are coming back as well! If you're going to wear something dark this summer, accessorize with something light so you get those nice contrasting colors! Also, if you're wearing something floral, your hats/scarves/jackets/sunglasses should be a solid tone so you don't have too many contrasting patterns.

    The lovely Jessica Hunter from Chic & Disheveled wearing our MISHA sunnies!

    MISHA- Round Horn Rimmed Sunnies with Embossed Temple Design

    Photo by RompHim. Watch, it's going to be the biggest trend in Summer 2018.















    Last outfit, I promise. Whatever outfit choice you're going to wear this summer, always remember, be confident in yourself! It doesn't matter what you wear, how many different kinds of make up you pile on your face, or what kind of sunglasses you have. The only thing that matters is self confidence. Self confidence is the best outfit, so rock it, and own it.


    Have fun!

  • Clear Skies Ahead

    Summer is finally here!

    Everyone is pulling out their bro tanks and surf boards and hitting the beaches in California. Now that spring is out and summer is here, we are going to show you some of our HOTTEST items this season!

    This season, we are loving the clear lenses trend with sleek metal frames. This minimalist style looks great with everything and is a trend we hope sticks around for a while. For the meantime, here are some great frames that are on pointe for this season:


    Quinn:   These boutique style sunnies with flat lenses will definitely turn some heads at brunch!

    Felicity: These translucent oversized cat eye sunnies are easy to style with anything and offer a chic and playful vibe!

    Phoebe- Fresh and fun, these clear pink shades with pink flat lenses are the perfect summertime accessory!











    With everything from retro throwbacks to modern upgrades, this summer’s eyewear trends are sure to turn heads. Hope you have fun designing creative looks with these sunnies!

    Surfs on!

    Ciao for now!

  • Gemini (May 21-June 20)

    Happy Birthday Gemini!

    Gemini Sign

    If you were born between May 21- June 20, you were born under the sign of the twins. You are known for being sociable and quick-witted, however, being a twin, the other side of you may conflict with that and you can appear serious and restless depending on which personality comes out. Gemini represents two different personalities in one and for this reason it may feel difficult to truly know them. Gemini is often considered to be the most misunderstood of all signs due to their dual personality expressed by the twins of their sign. Nevertheless, you make up for it with your inquisitive mind and curiosity about everything. You are an air sign, which you share with Libra and Aquarius. I’ll explain a bit about your zodiac sign, and for the sake of a good laugh and some fun, I’ve paired some of our sunnies that match your personality according to your zodiac sign. Your style according to your zodiac sign can actually explain why you are drawn to certain things, whether you buy into the zodiac hullabaloo or not. So let’s explore what makes your style unique and find out exactly what makes you tick.

    Gemini Strength Keywords: Curious, Adaptable, Quick Learner, Inquisitive, Affectionate

    Gemini Weakness Keywords: Nervous, Flighty, Inconsistent, Indecisive

    Shine bright in our Phoebe Sunnies! Photo by Ivantaged

    Gemini, like every zodiac sign, you have your own set of strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps the most striking trait of a Gemini is your sociability. Communication is your strong suit and you do it well. You are always ready for fun and exploring anything new. Your inquisitive mind constantly thirsts for information. Gemini is always up for an intellectual debate. This versatile side of you wants to experience everything there is out there in the world, which makes you fun and exciting to be with. You possess a natural childish innocence which is refreshing to be around; it’s literally like seeing the world through a child’s eyes. The changeable and open mind of a Gemini makes them excellent artists, journalists and writers. The social side of you makes you excel in trade and/or team sports. Multitasking comes easy for you as well as problem solving. You are not so keen on repetitive tasks or being stuck in any kind of routine. People born under this sun sign often dislike anything repetitive, being confined, and being alone. You enjoy a change of pace every so often, and being active both mentally and physically are extremely important to you.

    Frida- Metal Retro Sunnies with Flat Ocean Color Lens

    Summer- Oversized Chic Cat Eye Sunnies with Flat Lens

    Quinn- Designer Inspired One Piece Round Flat Lens Sunnies
  • How to host a fun Wine and Cheese Soiree- White Wine Edition

    Wine tasting with our ASHA sunglasses!

    Last week we covered red wine and cheese pairings, this week we will cover white wines and cheeses that pair best with it!

    If you dont know what kind of wine fits your palate, you should definitely go to some wineries and try out their tastings. They'll give you a tasting card that allows you to try 5-6 different wines and from there, you can decide what kind of wine is your favorite! Life pro tip: reds pair best with red meats and chocolate, white wines pair well with seafood and most desserts. You can impress your dinner guests with that kind of knowledge!

    Now moving on to whites and the cheeses that compliment them:

    Chardonnay: Fruit flavors range from apple and lime in cool climates to tropical fruits in warmer climates. Pair Asiago cheese or a creamy Havarti. Throw in a few almonds and you’ve got yourself a pairing that will impress everyone.

    Sauvignon Blanc: Fresh and crisp with flavors of grapefruit and grass. Pair with feta, goat cheese and some pine nuts.

    Pinot Grigio: Usually dry with fruit flavors of pear and apple with hints of lemon. Pair with humboldt fog chevre, fresh mozzarella cheese, and fig jam.

    Cheers everybody!

  • How to host a fun Wine and Cheese Soiree- Red Wine Edition

    Pair your wine with some sunnies! Check more styles out on our website!

    Wine and cheese, they go together like peanut butter and jelly, right? As I sip my Chardonnay poolside, this has got me thinking about ideas for my next girls night soiree, or maybe I’ll host mother’s day brunch; after all, who doesn’t like wine and cheese.

    Read on for tips on how to host a fun and easy wine and cheese party. First, consider the crowd; newbies or wine connoisseurs; red or white devotees; foodies or novices? To keep things simple but exciting for all those in attendance, choose a few whites and a few reds and go from there. Below are some of the pairings I recommend, along with a few other easy small bites that most people enjoy with both wine and cheese.

    Here are three basic reds that most of the group will like, along with the cheese’s that will go perfectly together.

    Pinot Noir: Flavors of red fruits like cherries and raspberries. Can be a pricey wine as the vines produce rather small bunches and it is notoriously difficult to grow as it only does well in cool and consistent climates. A pinot noir done right is nothing short of amazing! Pair with goat cheese or brie and walnuts.

    Merlot: Fruit flavors of plums and blackberries, considered to be one of the easiest wines to drink as it is known as having a smooth taste and is used as an “introductory red” wine. Pair with parmesan, romano and chestnuts.

    Cabarnet Sauvingnon: Flavors of blackberries, plums, black currants and casis. This red is loved by wine connoisseurs for the hearty and spicy flavor. Pair with cheddar, gorgonzola and walnuts.

    Get your drink on. Cheers everybody!

  • Deskercise!

    Think there’s no time to work out because you work 40 hours a week? Think again!

    Chair Squat. Picture by Heidi Powell

    Here are some moves to get your heart rate up and tone while you work. Sorry guys, now you can’t use that same old excuse, “I’m too tired to go to the gym after working all day”. Most of us associate a workout with blood sweat and tears, but new research shows that just 3 10-minute sessions are as effective, if not more so, as one 30 minute session. At the end of the day, moving around more is what counts, and you’d probably be surprised to find out how effective mini sessions are when it comes to exercise. There are many beneficial exercises you can do outside of the gym and right in your office, so let’s check a few out before summer is here!


    • Take the stairs whenever you can. I know you’re in a rush to get to your next meeting, but that’s no excuse, that just means you have to pick up the pace! The idea with cardio is to get the heart rate up, and stairs will certainly do that. To mix it up a little, take two stairs at a time to accelerate that leg burn!
    • Walk more! I know it’s quicker and easier to pick up the phone when you have a question for your co-worker, but your waistline will thank you if you walk over to ask that question, rather than pick up the phone. Every little bit counts, so get up and walk every opportunity you get.



    • Squats are king when it comes to lower body exercise. From your chair, stand up, sit back down and repeat 10 more times. Simple!
    • While printing, faxing or standing, why not add in some calf raises? Stand with feet shoulder width apart and press up onto the tippy toes and pause at the top, then lower back down. Repeat for three sets of 12-15 reps or until the printing or faxing job is done.


    Ciao for now, I’d better get running… Literally!

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