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Beyond the Eyewear

  • Deskercise!

    Think there’s no time to work out because you work 40 hours a week? Think again!

    Chair Squat. Picture by Heidi Powell

    Here are some moves to get your heart rate up and tone while you work. Sorry guys, now you can’t use that same old excuse, “I’m too tired to go to the gym after working all day”. Most of us associate a workout with blood sweat and tears, but new research shows that just 3 10-minute sessions are as effective, if not more so, as one 30 minute session. At the end of the day, moving around more is what counts, and you’d probably be surprised to find out how effective mini sessions are when it comes to exercise. There are many beneficial exercises you can do outside of the gym and right in your office, so let’s check a few out before summer is here!


    • Take the stairs whenever you can. I know you’re in a rush to get to your next meeting, but that’s no excuse, that just means you have to pick up the pace! The idea with cardio is to get the heart rate up, and stairs will certainly do that. To mix it up a little, take two stairs at a time to accelerate that leg burn!
    • Walk more! I know it’s quicker and easier to pick up the phone when you have a question for your co-worker, but your waistline will thank you if you walk over to ask that question, rather than pick up the phone. Every little bit counts, so get up and walk every opportunity you get.



    • Squats are king when it comes to lower body exercise. From your chair, stand up, sit back down and repeat 10 more times. Simple!
    • While printing, faxing or standing, why not add in some calf raises? Stand with feet shoulder width apart and press up onto the tippy toes and pause at the top, then lower back down. Repeat for three sets of 12-15 reps or until the printing or faxing job is done.


    Ciao for now, I’d better get running… Literally!

  • Taurus (April 20- May 20)

    Happy Birthday Taurus!

    Taurus Sign

    If you were born between April 20- May 20, you were born under the sign of the bull. You are known for being stubborn first and foremost, but you make up for it with your dependability and sensibility. You are an earth sign, which you share with Virgo and Capricorn. I’ll explain a bit about your zodiac sign, and for the sake of a good laugh and some fun, I’ve paired some of our sunnies that match your personality according to your zodiac sign. Your style according to your zodiac sign can actually explain why you are drawn to certain things, whether you buy into the zodiac hullabaloo or not. So let’s explore what makes your style unique and find out exactly what makes you tick.

    Taurus Strength Keywords: Reliable, Hard Worker, Generous, Dependable, Patient

    Taurus Weakness Keywords: Stubborn, Self-indulgent, Uncompromising, Possessive, Rigid


    Taurus, like every zodiac sign, you have your own set of strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps the most striking trait of a Taurus is your dependability. Everyone knows they can rely on you for anything. You are grounded, practical and have a keen realistic perspective. Your down to earth nature and willingness to lend a hand is appreciated by all that know you. Stable and conservative, you are a master with finances and have a gift with patience. Along with your ability to complete any task you set out to do, these are the traits that make you an excellent employee, friend and partner. Your stubbornness is legendary though, and probably is the most defining word when describing a Taurus. The bull will not back down when they believe they are right, so you might as well not argue with them. Taurus is a fixed sign and hates change; you will avoid it at all cost. Taureans are connoisseurs of good food and good the life. For you, it’s all about quality over quantity. You work hard for your luxuries and you won’t skimp on anything.

    In terms of fashion, and everything else for that matter; you value luxury and are known for your exquisite taste. However, you are skilled at making a fashion statement without appearing too contrived. Here are a few sunnies that would suit your conservative style.

    Valentina- an oversized frame with a chic and glam vibe.

    Elliott- classic horn rimmed shades with flat lenses for a modern look.

    Courtney- classy pantos shape sunnies with a retro vibe that is easy to style with any outfit.
  • Aries (March 21- April 19)

    Happy Birthday Aries!

    Aries Sign

    If you were born between March 21- April 19, you were born under the sign of the ram. You are the first sign in the zodiac which actually explains a bit about you. Being the first in the zodiac is much like being born the oldest child. You like to be first; the leader of the pack. You are also a fire sign, which you share with Leo and Sagittarius. I’ll explain a bit about your zodiac sign, and for the sake of a good laugh and some fun, I’ve paired some of our sunnies that match your personality according to your zodiac sign. Your style according to your zodiac sign can actually explain why you are drawn to certain things, whether you buy into the zodiac hullabaloo or not. So let’s explore what makes your style unique and find out exactly what makes you tick.

    Aries Strength Keywords: Independent, Generous, Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Courageous

    Aries Weakness Keywords: Moody, Short tempered, Self-involved, Impulsive, Impatient


    Featuring our Cubic sunnies!

    Aries, like every zodiac sign, you have your own set of strengths and weaknesses. Most striking about an Aries is your fierce independence. You are not afraid to venture out and lead the way. You are known for being a go-getter and you don’t tire easily. You possess passion for causes you believe in and will fight for them head on (much like a ram). Aries are fun to be around because with you, there is never a dull moment! Always up for an adventure, you bring excitement to the group. You are usually positive and upbeat and willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Your leadership qualities are impressive, as is your energy and exuberance. You are often able to convince and lead people effortlessly. If you channel all this energy you have in a good way, you are capable of great things Aries.

    In terms of fashion, you are known for being bold, daring and a risk-taker; however, you can also be creative and cool in terms of your fashion style. You are never afraid to assert your sense of style. Here are a few styles that we have curated just for Aries.

    Cubic- Chunky bold frame with a unique geometric flair that will spice up your outfit.

    Audria- a bold, exaggerated cat-eye shape that is fun and flirty.

    Nina- Chic cat-eye sunnies that will add the finishing touches to your look.
  • Spring Sale!

    Hello Trendsetter!

    As our way of thank you all for being patient and for being our loyal customers, we wanted to do something to show our appreciation to you all!

    Enjoy a 40% discount on select styles from 4/1/2017~4/20/2017!

    This is a sale you do NOT want to miss!


    Edge I-Wear

  • Back to School 2016!

    With some students going back to school this week and some eagerly (or grudgingly) waiting for school to start , the back to school season is one of the biggest shopping times of the year. Countless articles of what is popular this year, which binder to get, what accessories for the first day of school, and how to do you hair pop up during this time and we thought we'd bring you some of the best of each of these.

    This year is all about the vintage 70s and 80s looks, bright pops of colors, platforms, bomber jackets, round glasses, and chokers-whats not to love?

    These cute button front denim skater skirt hits all the marks for the skirts of the season. The skater silhouette is perfect for school and denim is making a huge comeback!


    Out with the black chokers and in with the metallics! The choker trend is obviously here to stay. There are so many styles from leather to velvet to metal but this season, the golds and silvers have it! Add a pop of sparkle to your outfit with a choker chain like this one from Forever 21.


    Athletic/Sporty sneakers are the hottest trend right now. These sneakers made their debut in the basketball world in the 1960's, became a hiphop icon in the 1980's, and exploded back into the mainstream this year. Comfortable and stylish sneakers are perfect for back to school.


    Bomber Jackets have an effortless, sporty vibe with tons of different materials and patterns. From classic Member's Only nylon jackets to these embroidered satin jackets, bombers can be added for that lightweight layer in the chilly nights of fall season.


    Be sure to check out our selection of round sunnies, perfect for the fall. Search "Lennon Inspired","Discus", or "Deryn" glasses for our favorite retro styles!

  • Ready to Go with Pokemon!

    It is everywhere. Every post, every blog, every photo, every news article. We're talking about Pokemon Go of course. More than ever before, kids and adults alike are flocking to beaches, parks, and malls to become the very best and to catch them all.  Do you know where the hot spots are? Here are a few jam packed ones!


    Santa Monica Pier, once a cute date night location is now crowded with new Pokemon trainers looking for their biggest catches. This location is heavy with water types and come early as the later it gets the more packed it is. Videos have emerged of super busy nights at the pier all in good fun!


    Travel down to Irvine in Orange County  and be prepared to run into tons of people catching Pokemon at all hours of the day (and night). Heritage Park is known to be a Bulbasaur farm so those hoping to level those up and get major XP from leveling can try this place.


    As we type, we have friends and acquaintances running up down and around this pier chasing a Vaporeon (and a Dragonite in Balboa that is supposed to have 6 minutes left on the timer). One of the hot spots for Pokemon to spawn, Newport pier is where everyone gathers for the cool, rare, and the awesome. Work with other groups and meet new friends on the beach! Find parking early as the later it gets, the more crowded it is. Be sure to pick up a hot Jalepeno Ham & Cheese croissant and a Thai Green Tea - perfect for an end of the day treat.













    Brea Sports Park is a great place in north OC to place Pokemon. This large sports park has several soccer, baseball, and basketball courts along with one or two playgrounds. What used to be a fairly quiet park has turned into a bustling area of groups running around chasing Pokemon. We even saw off duty EMTs park their ambulance to catch some! After the recent update though, we can't say this is the best place to farm Dratini any more, Niantic patched that up...

    Be sure that you protect yourself and your eyes while catching Pokemon in this crazy summer sun! Check out our selection of glasses on our website all with UV 400 protection.

  • Couture Week Wrap Up!

    When haute couture fashion week hits in Paris, you know you're in for a treat from the biggest fashion houses around. These designs are artistic, extravagant, and not for everyday wear.  No expense is spared for this special week; from transportation to runway to show production, everything is top notch. Here are some of the highlights of the Paris Fashion Week Couture Fall 2016.

    Elie Saab.jpg

    The cutest show of the Fall 2016 Couture Week must have been Elie Saab's Mommy & Me matching gowns. Though we're not sure how many of us could afford couture gowns for our little ones, a show like this is something we love to see. We  got first glance of this show via fashion blogger Chriselle Lim's video of these duos strutting down the runway. This New York, New York themed show had glimmering accents, long gowns, allusions to feathers, and an indescribable air of sleekness.

    Giambattista Vallie 3.jpg

    Extravagance and a little bit risque is what Giambattista Valli put on the runway this couture show. We saw empire waists from so many designers this season along with structured shoulders and floor length garments and Valli is no exception. He knows what the young and hip love, and his followers are those confident party girls that can rock anything. Short minis, large sleeves, ruffled collars - everything was done in a girly/grunge way. His designs were topped off with gorgeous fine jewelry by Buccellati.


    If anyone knows how to do couture, it is Viktor & Rolf. Re-purposing old materials, fabrics, designs, collections for the runway this season. ‘We want something organic,’” Horsting said during a preview. “We were thinking of conscious designing, and recycling. It felt kind of logical.” What we saw from the duo is commonplace silhouettes with layers of material sewn on to build a sculpture like garment.


    Last but certainly not least, not only did Fendi charter their own planes from Paris to Rome, they took over the recently restored iconic Trevi Fountain. Designing glass runways and flowing dresses, Karl Lagerfeld created a fairy tale setting for a fairy tale collection for the fashion houses' 90th anniversary that definitely did not disappoint. Top models like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid walked in this amazing show that is sure to go down in history as one of the greats.

    Couture certainly isn't for the everyday but has elements of the trends that we look ahead to each season. Would you love to own a couture piece? We know we would! Share with us which designer you would love to have a piece from!


  • Blogger Interview with Casshole.Yee

    One of our favorite influencers is Cassie Yee of @casshole.yee. Her gorgeous ever changing hair and super glamorous lashes are some of her signature staples in her chic style. We absolutely love working with Cassie and want to give our readers a little more insight on this super fun fashionista.




    Why did you start documenting your outfits? Was there an inspiration?

    I always loved fashion and people would always compliment my outfits so I thought I'd share them with my followers. I always get excited when I wear a cute outfit and I'm like "everyone needs to see this!" So I like to share my unique sense of style.

    You are still so young but have a huge fan base, how does it feel that you are so widely recognized?

    I personally don't think I'm "widely recognized," people tell me I am but really I'm actually really lame and average, LOL. I still feel the same as I did when I had 600 followers- mostly from school!




    How do you balance school time and blogging time?

    Honestly, I try to update my blog as much as I can and I post daily on Instagram but lately school has been taking up the majority of my time. Since I do independent study I have more free time to shoot and usually have designated-homework days which are strictly for studying and finishing my homework. During the school year I usually focus more on blogging to be honest but during the summer my classes are so fast that I barely have time to blog at all! I still post on Instagram every day but it's hard for me to update my actual blog.

    One think you can't leave your house without?

    There's a lot of things I can't leave the house without; makeup, charger, wallet, and definitely my shades! I can't even count the number of times I would forget my shades and be squinting into the sun. I also always bring a jacket- you never know when life's going to throw a bunch of wind and coldness at you! I also always need my phone charger because my phone stays dying fast and my makeup in case I need to touch up anything!




    Where do you draw your clothing inspiration from?

    Ever since I was little I always had a unique taste in fashion. I was always the stylish one, different one, the one that wears things people don't dare to wear. Back then I drew my inspiration pretty much by whatever I liked, and now that there's social media and whatnot I get inspired by many bloggers! I love thrifting and being creative and also making my own clothes or altering them.

    Favorite place you've done photo shoots at?

    The best places I've done photoshoots at are the hidden places that you accidentally find. At first, we went to the Legion of Honor in San Francisco but then we decided to explore around it, and also down Highway 1; which is absolutely beautiful. I definitely love the city but it's its hidden treasures that I love the most!

    Keep an eye out for a special giveaway next week with Cassie!

  • Beat the Heat!

    Los Angeles is heating up like an oven just as the summer is beginning and it will only get hotter. Escape the city heat with many different activities around Southern California. Whether you decide to stay indoors or go out into the waters, be sure to stay hydrated and keep the sunscreen ready. Here are some of our picks for the summer season. avila beach.jpgBeach trip anyone?! We're so close to the coast it makes it a breeze to pack up a picnic, some drinks, your towel, and umbrella and head out. Take your pick all the way from a day trip to San Diego to a potential overnight trip to San Luis Obispo, the temperature is sure to drop closer to the oceans. If you like to surf, hit Huntington Beach. Beach front bars is your thing? Pacific Beach is your choice. Love a quiet place to nap, Avila beach is a beautiful choice tucked away in Central Coast. There are so many in between, including Malibu, Manhattan, Venice, Laguna,  Newport, and San Clemente, pin a location and go!

    IMG_4835 ipic.JPG photo by
    Watch a movie in pure luxury at iPic in one of their 2 California locations - Pasadena or Westwood. Mix great movies, comfortable leather or plush seats (some even with blankets and pillows), gourmet chef-made meals, and specialty bar drinks and you get the ultimate movie experience. Have snacks, appetizers, drinks delivered right to your seat in the middle of the movie while you lounge and enjoy. Of course, these movies come at a slight premium but we think it's a great experience for all. Knotts-Soak-City-Wave-Pool-and-Speed-Slides.jpg When was the last time you stood in line to go down water slides? Probably a while ago! There are so many great water parks in Southern California including Knott's Soak City and Raging Waters. These parks are a great way to stay cool and spend a day having fun - just make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, hats, cover ups, and easy to wear shoes. Have fun in the sun splashing on one of their many slides, tubes, and wave pools! americana-2.jpg Southern California is spotted with really great both indoor and outdoor malls. Pictured is the Americana at Brand: beautiful scenery, great restaurants, and really great stores. Eat at Katsuya, Din Tai Fung, or Bourbon Steak by Michael Mina and snack at Sprinkles Cupcakes or Duke Bakery. Others large malls in our area include Santa Anita Mall, The Grove Los Angeles, and South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. Go closer to the beach and take a stroll down 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Get fancy and stop by Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills- outdoors, but a great place for all of your luxury fashion. catalina.jpg Why not get off the mainland and cool off at one of the many islands along the California coast. Catalina is a great getaway with activities for the whole family. Plan it as a romantic getaway - great restaurants, beach properties, golf, and the Avalon casino. Take the family out for water sports, hiking, and beach fun. Cars are definitely frowned upon on the island so taxis, shuttles, and rental bikes and carts are the way to go. If you're ready to splurge, take a helicopter ride to the island and arrive in style. However you choose to cool off, be sure to take your Edge I-Wear sunnies with you! Our glasses all provide 100% UV protection from the sun - absolutely essential to what is gearing up to be one of the hottest summers in a long time. Have fun and protect yourself from harmful sun rays !

  • Summer Food Trends!

    Food trends are huge in our culture today with new and unique flavors and combinations popping up every day. Food creators nowadays not only create food that tastes amazing but also look amazing, starting a new wave of food bloggers and photographers. Curious about some of the newest trends? We've listed our favorite three for this upcoming season. Let us know which you've tried and where!

    pokinometry.jpg Poki Bowl from Pokinometry


    A traditional Hawaiian salad made up of raw fish, sauce, fruits, and vegetables (sprinkled with seasonings) has swept the West Coast this year. As 2016 food trends have all been about fueling the body with the healthy nutrients that it needs, many Americans are starting to look to Poke bowls to fulfill that dietary need. In with the fresh and airy flavors and out with the heavy dishes. Make this dish one to try this summer if you’ve never experienced it.

    avocado-flat-bread-030.jpg Avocado Chicken Flatbread with Cilantro Cream by

    Artisan Bread

    Popular menu items like artisan toasts, bagels and gourmet flatbreads have also given the bread rebirth a boost. Chefs in restaurants everywhere are starting to incorporate more bread in their entrees and this hot food trend is not braking anytime soon.  The gluten-free fad has been going on for way too long- make room for bread made with healthier and nutritious ingredients this summer!

    gelato Eiswelt Gelato in Westminster, CA

    Artisan Ice Cream

    Yummm. Does this perk anybody’s interest? Don’t worry, the usual chocolate, vanilla, and swirl aren’t going anywhere just yet- but quirky flavors on the classic dessert are on the rise. From hot sauce to bacon, ice cream makers are really pushing the taste-bud limit this summer with crazy creations that everybody will want to try. Doesn’t matter where you adventure, just be sure to give the new funky flavors that are dominating the ice cream scene a chance.

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