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Blogger Interview with DrunkonVogue!

One of our favorite bloggers that constantly posts the cutest photos of our glasses is Stephanie from Drunk On Vogue. We got the chance to ask her a few questions about her life on the blog and off the blog, read on to find out! 1)      Everyone asks this question, but how did you get started? Were there specific inspirations from other fashion or lifestyle bloggers? How did you know what to write about? I've always been interested in fashion as a career, but never knew exactly where to start.  When I wasn't able to major in fashion merchandising in collage, and ended up being forced to stay at home not working due to health, I realized that blogging could be my perfect outlet!  I knew that I wanted to be different than the rest of the fashion bloggers.  I wasn't going to be just about the clothes, but I wanted to be relatable and have an open fashion sense, not sticking to one particular set of style.  So, I used my writing to express that in the best way I could! I draw inspiration from many different bloggers, but in the end, I truly want to be as unique as possible, so I like to think that my page isn't anything like a lot of others! 

dov2 Photo by Bianca Calvani @bvccphotography
2)      Your mom takes a lot of your photos for you, how is it working with her? Do you guys every have creative differences? I absolutely adore having my mom as a photographer! I call her my "momographer" and we have a blast working together!  She's an artist, herself, so she has a great eye when it comes to taking my photos, and that makes us a great team because we see things very similarly.  She helps me feel comfortable and always makes sure everything is in place. dov3 3)      A lot of people struggle with a signature look, how did you find/develop your personal style? I honestly don't think I have one particular style.  I have a few friends that stick to one set of colors in their closet, or one look in general, but my wardrobe is so mix and match!  I will wear something that is absolutely preppy as can be one day, and the next day will be bohemian as it comes.  This way, things never get boring!div6 4)      What are some of your favorite things to do on your non-blogging times? Favorite restaurant? Favorite travel spot? I love to spend time binge-watching my favorite shows on Netflix.  I'm a huge superhero junkie, so it's typically Arrow or The Flash up next in my queue.  If I'm out on the town, you'll find me at a cute little cafe in the city.  I have only recently begun to travel more frequently, and that is due to my boyfriend being nearly a thousand miles from me.  It's been great finally flying to new destinations, and I love visiting him in South Florida.Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset 5)      One thing you can’t leave your house without? My iPhone!  I never leave the room without it! 6)      How has your life changed since you started Drunk on Vogue? I have made so many friends!  The blogging community has truly given me just that - a community! I have become best friends with girls from all over the world, and I never knew that was possible before Drunk on Vogue.  I've also gotten the opportunity to discover new places in my city, just from scouting out shooting locations, which has been amazing.  All-in-all, my life has only changed for the better since I launched my blog.dov1 7)      Last but not least, how do you feel about being an inspiration for many up and coming bloggers? Is there any advice you have for teens or young adults that want to start a blog? Were there any challenges you faced or are still facing? Oh my goodness!  I'm going to try and keep this as simple as possible: be genuine.  Be yourself.  Don't let what anyone else says or does affect the way you want to work! I've been on Instagram for a year, and in that time, gained over six thousand followers, which is amazing!  I should be proud of that, and yet sometimes I find myself getting down because girls that have been working for three months have twice as many followers as I do.  I have to realize that not everyone will love what I'm putting out there, and that's okay.  I only want people who are totally crushing on my style to stick around anyways.  I'm as much me online as I am in person, and that's something that I get compliments on a lot.  It was one of my first goals, and I'm so glad I stuck to it.  Being genuinely you really creates a fantastic online presence.  So don't try and change to conform to the "perfect" Instagram feed or blog page, because in the end you will be so much more satisfied if you keep it real.    Thanks again to Stephanie for these amazing answers! We always love seeing your outfits and cute style and following along your blog adventures and stories. Head over to to see all of her blog posts. Any of these sunglasses can be found on our website

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