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Happy Thanksgiving from Edge I-Wear!

One of our favorite holidays here at Edge is Thanksgiving! It is such a joyous occasion that we spend with family and friends around a full table of mouthwatering food. Today, we wanted to share some of our favorites for this holiday so keep scrolling for some of our favorite Thanksgiving food! Mac & Cheese: the ultimate comfort food should be even richer during Thanksgiving! Change up your everyday recipe by adding a few more mac and cheesecheeses like a surprising Asiago, a sharp white cheddar, a flavorful aged Parmesan Reggiano, and a creamy Mozzarella. Bake it off with some bread crumbs for that extra crunch on top! Ham: The perfect ham is slightly salty and slightly sweet with a glaze seeping into a crunchy crust. Add honey or bourbon or crust with brown sugar for the caramelized top.   Stores like Trader Joe's or Costco all have hams ready to bake and serve. Green Bean Casserole: If made right, this side dish won't taste like lumpy sadness but a creamy mushroom-y goodness topped with crunchy fried onions and crisp green beans. A holiday dinner isn't complete with this staple dish!classic-green-bean-casserole-large-24099.jpg Mashed Potatoes: Buttery or garlicky or cheesy, how ever you like your mashed potatoes there always new ways of mixing it up! Add bacon bits or green onions or just leave plain with some butter and salt. We just recently learned of a new way to season mash - Boursin cheese. Really! All you have to do is melt this creamy flavorful cheese on top and voila, perfectly seasoned mashed potatoes. 55acd78abcade772d398a127be7d2593.jpg(Last but not least ) Turkey: Every family has their roasting secrets - dry rub or glaze basting - it takes time and patience for the perfect turkey. After taking a survey from a few people, we came to the conclusion that you're better off with a small medium turkey to really control the cook on it. Stuff the insides with homemade bread stuffing or even full vegetables and fruits for flavor. We're always thankful for our loyal customers and followers so we wanted to start our Thanksgiving treat early - head over to our website for 25% off your order and free shipping! This deal is valid until Monday 11/30 11:59 PM PST. THANKSGIVING.jpg

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