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Gift Giving Guide for the Holidays!

We're getting close to the end of the year - its almost time to start figuring out what you're going to give your family and friends for the holiday season! Maybe our guide will be helpful for you to find gifts for those on your list: For the fashionable: Jessica Fang is famous for her super pretty body chains and body jewelry. Working with of the top social media stars, shes built a company that fashionistas adore. Whether you need body chains, bracelets, arm cuffs, or any other type of accessories, she has it. She even has a coupon right now just for the holidays!

Her jewelry ranges anywhere between $10 and $40, so there is something there to fit your budget! For the foodie: Food subscription box! Try The World subscription boxes are the ultimate gift for your foodie friend. Every 2 months, your friend will receive a carefully curated box of treats from around the world. Ranging from spreads to tea to crackers and everything in between - there is something in there that will surely delight the palate. try the worlds Buy just one box for $39, 3 boxes for $105, and 6 boxes for $198! For the travel lover: This beautiful scratch off map from Scratchables is covered in gold foil and perfect for the person that cant wait to see the world! Don't worry about it looking ugly once its scratched off, vibrant colors and details are hidden beneath the top layer. The map even comes with global facts, figures and travel tips! scratch map For the unique: Terrariums add a cute touch to any home or apartment - even better if your friend can decorate it themselves! This Urban Outfitters terrarium kit such a cute shape and comes with everything you need to make it your own. You just mail in your coupon for your live air plant! terranium Only $24 at Urban outfitters For anyone: Of course, we have to add in our own glasses! They really are perfect for the hard to gift because everyone needs sunglasses. Check out these styles and more on the Edge I-Wear site. The most popular styles right now are these flat & round lenses - combined with a "club master" style, you get the most fashionable sunglasses. Try these Laredo glasses for your fashionable friends! glass1 Our high quality all wood sunglasses are also always a hit. Super durable and of great quality, your friends will surely appreciate these and you wont have to break the bank! glass2 For those really fancy friends, our Marilyn glasses might just do the trick. Classy, vintage style shades with textured metal details will add that boost to any outfit! glass3 Gift giving is always a little difficult, but with some creativity, nothing is impossible!    

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