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Collection Introduction Part 2: Khloe

In our post this week, we'll be introducing our Khloe collection - fun, girly, cute, and fashion forward. From fun prints to metal decos, you can't really go wrong with a pair of Khloe glasses. Our Khloe line is perfect for for those bright days and sundresses, coffee shops and 3rd Street Promenade. khloe social media Take Dotty for example: simple yet flirty. Dress these up or down on your way out to the beach or for brunch! They'll add a pop of color to your minimalist outfit or be the cherry on top of a bright and funky get up. With a number of colors and styles to choose from, there will never be a shortage of cute glasses to wear! khloe social media3 The ever so popular Daisy glasses are perfect for any time, any season; wear them to school, to work, to Coachella! They will add variety and enhance your outfits. The favorite of our fashion bloggers and our choice for the spring and summer. Its never too early to stock up for the next season or maybe to gift these in the holiday season.khloe social media4 We also love our pastels here at Edge. The different colors, finishes, textures, and patterns all add to the character that is Khloe. Mix and match your clothes, shoes, nails, and accessories with Khloe glasses to always keep your outfits fresh! All of these styles are available on our website Head over to see our latest Khloe styles and all of your sunglasses needs!

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