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Hype Foods in LA!

Hype foods are everywhere we look these days. From acai bowls to cupcake ice cream sundaes, popular food trends have definitely climbed their way up to Top Posts on majority of our Instagram Feeds. You know these foods make for the best pictures but have you every stopped to think about why they are as popular as they are? There are always those restaurants that everyone knows about in Los Angeles. popbar Popbar: Cute. Trendy. And not your typical ice cream shop. Popbar was founded in NYC in 2010 and has popped up at multiple locations in the United States over the past couple of years, converting new people into Popaholics everyday. At the unique shop, you will find over forty rotational flavors of popbars- each can be dipped and topped to your liking, creating a customizable experience that most certainly won't be found anywhere else. Gluten-free and low in sugar? Sounds like the Popbar hype won't be slowing down anytime soon. afters Afters Ice Cream: Ever heard of the milky bun? Afters Ice Cream has created the customizable donut that allows consumers to choose a filling from over 15 unique flavors of ice cream. This delicacy can be created in a few simple steps. Choose the ice cream. Fill the donut. Then with a waffle-iron-like press, the shop seals the bun to present to you the flavorful milky bun that food fanatics are claiming is the newest rival to the famous New York "cronut". This decadent ice cream-filled pastry is a must try if haven't experience yet. urth-caffe-weho Urth Caffe: Health or hype? Urth Caffe does an amazing job at combining the two. The cafe was originally founded in 1989 by the Berkmans who launched the organic coffee company after learning about the many destructive practices in the coffee industry. Taking after its name, Urth in Los Angeles offers a menu filled with only the healthiest and most organic options that are unlikely to be found at many other places. Located in 5 very relaxing locations, the brand continues to draw people from all over the Southern California area to indulge in its health conscious food. Whether it be for the Instagram pic or an adventure with some friends, try a few of the many hype food restaurants that are located in your area! You never know, you may end up loving the experience.      

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