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One of our favorite artists right now is Selena Gomez with her second studio album entitled Revival. It's a sultry R&B sound plus some upbeat EDM inspired tracks really showcase her range of talents. Recently, she has become an icon not only in music but also in fashion. Her sleek looks are catching our eye and she never fails to top each outfit off with the perfect pair of shades. We can't wait to share with you some of our favorite tracks from her album and some of her latest fashions, including sunglasses of course! selena_gomez20 Good For You: Her first album single was released in mid June with the video release shortly after. The song features A$AP Rocky and hit song writer and producer Nolan Lambroza aka Sir Nolan. This hit song is tied to a minimalistic yet sexy music video that has 2 different versions: one with A$AP and one without.selena_gomez16 Same Old Love: The funky background music is such a different sound for Gomez yet her strong vocals definitely prove that she's capable of any genre of music. The pop tune of the early fall surprisingly is not about her past relationship with Justin Bieber but actually about the familial relationships in life. tumblr_nwhsa8ECVc1qmwn8jo1_540 Me & the Rhythm: Her third single off the album has a 70's vibe and a little Daft Punk-esque beat. As Ali Szubiak from Popcrush said, the song "maintains the sleek and sexy appeal of Selena’s first Revival single “Good for You", but it’s far less crawling-on-the-ground seductive and more subtle in its appeal. selena-gomez-1 This girl has definitely revamped her style and music in her comeback and we're so glad to see her doing better than ever. We're so excited to see what Selena is going to do next! Love her music? Be sure to buy her album on iTunes or anywhere else you get music. Love her sunglasses? Check out our website at to get your own pair of stylish yet classic shades.

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