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Following Kendall Jenner's Accessory Style

We all know how big of an influence Kendall Jenner is ; being a part of one of the most talked about families will have that effect. But she definitely can stand on her own in the fashion world: with huge campaigns for Estee Lauder and walking in Chanel, Balmian, Dolce & Gabbana, and Marc Jacobs's shows, Kendall has developed an enviable personal style that we'd all love to have! Her clothing, although neutral, has a certain kind of sophistication that is always enhanced with her accessory choices. What we've noticed is that she nearly always has some type of handbag and of course sunglasses. Kendall has some staple style that she always goes back to - are these styles that you would wear on a daily basis? Cross body and satchel type bags seem to be the most popular with Kendall. She had a variety of color, shapes, sizes for each style. Structured bags with shoulder straps provide the carrying space of a standard satchel with the hands free ease of cross body bags. From Celine to Michael Kors, the handbags Kendall chooses are both versatile, useful, and stylish! Kendall's sunglasses style can only be described as classic. She rocks the aviator and wayfarer shapes like it's nobody's business.  Her heart/oval shaped face is perfect for these looks that will never go out of style. She plays with super dark lenses, mirrored lenses, metals, and plastics. These styles actually look good on almost anyone and they're neutral enough to match with any outfit! At Edge, we love the newest styles and fashions but we also love going back to basics like Kendall Jenner. Here are a few of our styles that we think Kendall would love-click on their names to get to our site!

Scout 25065bm-p-2-1 

Monterey  RY53077A-AP

SignalSB25064-CRMJet SetterRY540817-AP

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