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Collection Introduction Part 1: Royal

We wanted to change up our blog posts this week to be about something closer to home... Our very own Royal collection! In our collection introduction series, we'll be introducing all of our current lines and their stories and styles. Made for the stylish and sleek, Royal brings and air of elegance and class. Whether you dress them up or down, they are the classic look that will match with any outfit. The blacks, browns, and golds provide that neutral yet upscale look that will elevate your style.  IMG_9689 Christina is wearing our Victoria shades on our photo shoot outing to Huntington Beach (check out the previous post for things to do while in HB)! She styled them in a super soft, flirty, Bohemian way. With a floppy hat and flowy top, she takes the edge off the strong sunglasses and keeps them cute and girly looking. A2We love to pair our black and golds together, and what better way than with our Cayman sunglasses? Perfect for a day or night out in your best party clothes. Complement a back dress or a chunky gold necklace, the chain detail on the Cayman is great with even your fanciest fashions. aristocat RY32014P-AP Our Aristocat sunglasses are so versatile, you can pair them with anything! From the fashion loving to the everyday wearing, these glasses can transition from laid back to dressed up at any time. Wear them grocery shopping or to a museum opening-they're ready to go whenever you are. Take a look at these styles as well as all of our other sunglasses in the Royal line on our website. There are shapes and colors for every style type so choose yours and stay royal!

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