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2015 OC Fair Fun

This summer we want to live on the Edge and are sharing our summer experiences with you! Read about Leslie's fun time at the Orange County fair. This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending the entire day at the excitingly eventful Orange County Fair. It being my first time ever going, I found myself absolutely spellbound by the great energy from the crowd. From the elderly couples romantically strolling through the fairgrounds to the wide-eyed children begging their parents for more tickets in hopes to win their 'choice' prize, fair-goers are simply there to enjoy a good time. IMG_3824 The OC Fair celebrates 125th year anniversary this summer and will continue taking place at the Costa Mesa fairgrounds until August 16th. With unimaginably delicious food and intriguing attractions for people of all ages, the One Big Party could not be better themed. I was racing from exhibit to exhibit carrying an enormous bacon-wrapped turkey leg in my right hand and a plateful of deep-fried red velvet cupcakes and Oreos in my left. Not to mention, the large sit-down dinner that I had with my friends later that consisted of smoky barbecue ribs, onion rings, cole slaw and a deluxe size Diet Coke that I quickly gulped down prior to being allowed into the petting zoo. Look at all the food! The countless number of unique treats was beautifully complemented by the fun buzz surrounding the area, generating an environment that could not be found anywhere else. Every direction I looked, I saw friends and family laughing and having fun. The majestic circus show featuring acrobatics and aerial performances. The art gallery with live acoustic music weaving through the architecturally divided space. The towering Farris wheel taking heaps of people up into the sky to overlook the amazing view of the fair at night. The largest horse in the world attraction. The smallest horse in the world attraction. The options are endless; there is no possible way one could not enjoy a good time. Art exhibit on site Don’t miss out on the fun! Spend an evening of excitement at the Orange County Fair and bring all your loved ones with you. I promise you will not be disappointed. Remember, the fair runs until August 16 and at only $12 per entry, why not go see it for yourself!? Seize the moment and live life on the edge this summer.

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