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Valentine's Day

iStock_000018349947_Small-750x335 Valentine's Day can be very stressful, fraught with gifting and planning dates. There are so many things to be done to make your loved ones feel special on the big day. But lucky for you, we have some tips on how to elevate the tradition presents like flower, accessories, and chocolate to create a different and more memorable experience.


gift-sets We all expect chocolate on Valentine's Day. But to make it more unexpected, look for different ways to personalize chocolate and make it your own. Example: start your day off with chocolate donuts or maybe spell out your Valentine's name with chocolate-covered strawberries. Or go the extra mile and order a small chocolate cake with both of your initials frosted on it. Rather than just giving your Valentine the expected box of chocolates, keep him/her guessing and surprise them with chocolate in a form that they didn't expect to receive it in!


original_Paloma%20Blanca%20Mexican%20Restaurant-Romantic%20Travel%20Guide-San%20Antonio.jpg Flowers are a given and that is why everybody expects to receive them. One way to differentiate yourself from everybody else is to make the flowers a part of the special event/moment that evening. Example: plan a romantic dinner at your local gardens or decorate your living room at home with flowers galore- rather than just handing the typical bouquet to your Valentine.


va2 Accessories and jewelry are always nice to receive. However this year try a gift other than the generic necklace and earrings. How about sunglasses or watches? Take a look at the new sunglasses styles that we have on our website- ranging from the popular round vintage to the very trendy cat-eye. This holiday we are also offering a special 20% off on all of our products along with free shipping so don't miss out!


romantic dinner Lovely young couple eating on romantic dinner
Dining on Valentine's Day is a given but try to think of different ways you can make it special for your Valentine. Maybe instead of the usual reservation and eat/order there, you can try request special seating at a place that neither of you have been before or perhaps see if they can serve the food (you having already ordered beforehand) as soon as you arrive. There's always something exciting about having something unexpected delivered to you! Especially a thoughtful meal. At home, try to exceed your Valentine's expectation by cooking their favorite meal and decorating the living room. Try to make him/her remember why you two fell for each other by recreating your first date or first time you two met. However you decide to spend Valentine's Day, just remember to enjoy the moment with your loved ones and take the time to tell everybody (not just your Valentine) that you love them and appreciate everything they do for you. Happy Valentine's Day!

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