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Summer Food Trends!

Food trends are huge in our culture today with new and unique flavors and combinations popping up every day. Food creators nowadays not only create food that tastes amazing but also look amazing, starting a new wave of food bloggers and photographers. Curious about some of the newest trends? We've listed our favorite three for this upcoming season. Let us know which you've tried and where!

pokinometry.jpg Poki Bowl from Pokinometry


A traditional Hawaiian salad made up of raw fish, sauce, fruits, and vegetables (sprinkled with seasonings) has swept the West Coast this year. As 2016 food trends have all been about fueling the body with the healthy nutrients that it needs, many Americans are starting to look to Poke bowls to fulfill that dietary need. In with the fresh and airy flavors and out with the heavy dishes. Make this dish one to try this summer if you’ve never experienced it.

avocado-flat-bread-030.jpg Avocado Chicken Flatbread with Cilantro Cream by

Artisan Bread

Popular menu items like artisan toasts, bagels and gourmet flatbreads have also given the bread rebirth a boost. Chefs in restaurants everywhere are starting to incorporate more bread in their entrees and this hot food trend is not braking anytime soon.  The gluten-free fad has been going on for way too long- make room for bread made with healthier and nutritious ingredients this summer!

gelato Eiswelt Gelato in Westminster, CA

Artisan Ice Cream

Yummm. Does this perk anybody’s interest? Don’t worry, the usual chocolate, vanilla, and swirl aren’t going anywhere just yet- but quirky flavors on the classic dessert are on the rise. From hot sauce to bacon, ice cream makers are really pushing the taste-bud limit this summer with crazy creations that everybody will want to try. Doesn’t matter where you adventure, just be sure to give the new funky flavors that are dominating the ice cream scene a chance.

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