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Ready to Go with Pokemon!

It is everywhere. Every post, every blog, every photo, every news article. We're talking about Pokemon Go of course. More than ever before, kids and adults alike are flocking to beaches, parks, and malls to become the very best and to catch them all.  Do you know where the hot spots are? Here are a few jam packed ones!


Santa Monica Pier, once a cute date night location is now crowded with new Pokemon trainers looking for their biggest catches. This location is heavy with water types and come early as the later it gets the more packed it is. Videos have emerged of super busy nights at the pier all in good fun!


Travel down to Irvine in Orange County  and be prepared to run into tons of people catching Pokemon at all hours of the day (and night). Heritage Park is known to be a Bulbasaur farm so those hoping to level those up and get major XP from leveling can try this place.


As we type, we have friends and acquaintances running up down and around this pier chasing a Vaporeon (and a Dragonite in Balboa that is supposed to have 6 minutes left on the timer). One of the hot spots for Pokemon to spawn, Newport pier is where everyone gathers for the cool, rare, and the awesome. Work with other groups and meet new friends on the beach! Find parking early as the later it gets, the more crowded it is. Be sure to pick up a hot Jalepeno Ham & Cheese croissant and a Thai Green Tea - perfect for an end of the day treat.













Brea Sports Park is a great place in north OC to place Pokemon. This large sports park has several soccer, baseball, and basketball courts along with one or two playgrounds. What used to be a fairly quiet park has turned into a bustling area of groups running around chasing Pokemon. We even saw off duty EMTs park their ambulance to catch some! After the recent update though, we can't say this is the best place to farm Dratini any more, Niantic patched that up...

Be sure that you protect yourself and your eyes while catching Pokemon in this crazy summer sun! Check out our selection of glasses on our website all with UV 400 protection.

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