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New York Fashion Week F/W 2016!

One of the busiest times of the year for New York City (not that it isn't busy already!) is New York Fashion Week. With the Fall/Winter 2016 edition still in full swing - we've already seen a few things come up as trends to look for. Remember a few weeks ago we mentioned that rose quartz would be one of the big colors of this year? Well, it has already made its way onto the runways but with the most unexpected color as its pair - yellow. Not just pretty pale yellows but bright neons, chartreuse, and golden tones. It brings a fresh outlook on this pastel color that could easily be pair with something more conventional.021316-nyfw-pink-chartreuse We're also seeing many textures like furs, layering with patterns, chunky knits, and fringes.  J Crew especially, managed create a season full of cool layers with a lot of fabrics and accessories.  In street fashion, everyone is wearing fur - and it isn't just because its 40 degrees. Fur makes such a statement in any outfit, the texture could come in play on a hat, as a scarf, on a coat, as a throw piece.nyfw2 What we've really seen this season though, is that layering is everything. From five different tops to create the perfect color combination to using scarves in different places , layering will not only make your outfits more interesting but also you can mix and match easier to continuously reuse pieces! nyfw Have you seen anything this season that you really like - either on the streets or on the runway?

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