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K-Pop Sunglasses Fashion!

While not everyone follows Korean pop culture and trends, there is no doubt that they have style and fashion. Whether in their TV dramas or pop music, Korean stars are at the forefront of not only East Asian fashion but fashion in general! The so called "Korean Wave" has taken over! One of their popular trends in the past few months is the "Harry Potter glasses syndrome." These are round glasses with a thin wire frame - often times they have no prescription and are worn for fashion. This is a style that people either love or hate! Some have said that this is a style only celebrities can wear without looking silly but clearly it has become a trend in many TV shows. Keep an eye out on our website for similar clear glasses like these in the spring. We also have tons of sunglasses that are in the same style!kpop1 The round style continues with sunglasses with lots of wire embellishments. These bring an element of retro with a bit of current fashion. These will definitely draw attention when you're wearing them for their uniqueness. We even have this wire type for avaitor shape, square shape, and multiple other round shapes. Keep an eye out for this style as we will be getting them in in the next couple of weeks! kpop2 Real cat eye, modified cat eye, any type of cat eye glasses are so popular this year. They really are flattering for any face type because there are so many different styles of them. Some cat eyes are very apparent and some are more subtle - this make this style wearable for anyone! For the bold - we recommend our Lynx glasses that come in 4 different colors. For the moderate - why not try our Brooke glasses that have a beautiful metal detail on them. For the more conservative - try the Cayman, they're a little more round but still have that slight point at the end! kpop4 Often times, what stars wear in TV shows, to the airport, walking around, or on stage really can make an impact in fashion - and sunglasses are no different! The next time you watch a K-Drama, see if you can spot some styles! We'll be getting so many new styles in the next 2 months, so as always keep an eye out on our website to get them first!

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