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Hikes to do in Southern California

Want to get active? Gather some friends and check out some of these fun hikes in Socal! Get some ideas for super cute active wear as well for that photo shoot at the end.

Hollywood Sign

hollywood sign The ultimate tourist trap, but have you really been in Southern California if you haven't been to the Hollywood Sign? To start your hike, you want to look for the Hollyridge Trail. A 45 minute hike from the bottom, the Hollywood Sign is a good trek up. Be sure to bring water and some directions, there are a lot of forks in the road.

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Sturtevant Falls

sturtevant-falls Want to get away from the urban maze of Los Angeles? This relatively easy hike to Sturtevant Falls is perfect for you. The hike is just over 3 miles one way with lots of scenery along the way. Save some of your energy for the way back though, the easy downhill at the beginning is now the steep uphill back to your car!

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Torrey Pines State Reserve

TPSRBeachTrail With 6 trails in the main reserve and 4 in the extension, Torrey Pines State Reserve has something for everyone. Choose the right level of difficulty for yourself and don't worry, each trail has something special about it! Keep a lookout for the rarest tree in North American that the state reserve is named for, the Torrey Pine. Are you ready to go and explore? We know we are! Though many of our glasses are fashion glasses, we also have a ton of  great sports glasses if that is something you're looking for!

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