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Getting ready for Spring 16!

Even though its only the beginning of the year, we're already gearing up for a colorful Spring! Pantone aptly describes this season as "colors [that] transcend cultural and gender norms. Vivid brights give way to excitement and optimism, though quiet stability prevails in this season’s palette." Not only do these colors apply to large garments, but also many small details like a patch or an accessory.Colors1 Take any of these colors for example, some illustrations hint to the color whereas other are the color. We love how subtly bold they all are. The pastel palette matches with a variety of styles, outfits, and designs. Colors2 Here at Edge, we've been loving these colors as well. Taking note on some of these schemes, we have had some new styles come in that are perfect for the spring. Our Khloe line has seen some new additions with the pastel frosty colors in the semi-retro round shape that everyone has been looking for this year.Colors3 These brightly colored cat eye glasses are also super cool for the spring and summer! The mirror lenses subtly incorporates those beautiful pastels . Colors5 Both of these styles are available on our website now - search for Maisey and Tabitha! Whatever you choose to be your accessory this spring, you'll be seeing all of these colors worked in some where. Are you excited for the spring season? Let us know which of these colors you like best and which ones you would wear!  

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