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Edge I-Wear Spotlight: Eunice Kim

This week under the Edge I-Wear spotlight, we've got Miss Fashion Blogger Eunice Kim-founder and blogger of Eunique Kollection! We've held a mini interview and asked her 5 questions that are perfect for asking every fashion blogger! Read up to see her responses!

eunique-kollection-panthersandhippies-nastygal-top-style-stylist-fashion-blogger-pactography-11 Eunice in the Edge I-Wear Barbados sunnies
 1. When did you begin blogging & how did you start to get into it?  I began blogging late 2013, but didn't get really into it until later in 2014. I've always seen fashion as an everyday application of art and design, so I first started with #OOTD posts on Instagram. When I saw that the response was good, I decided to take it onto a blog platform and add creative elements to the concept and execution of the post that make it unique and interesting.
Refreshing-Silk-eunique-kollection-stylist-freelance-creative-top-fashion-blogger-kaii-shopkaii-silk-pactography-7 Looking stunning in the Barbados
2. What do you like the most about blogging? I like that I can express myself in whatever way I want. I like to write quirky poems or rhymes that complement the images. So rather than having me rambling on in excruciating detail about how I styled the outfit (which, trust me, can be very lengthy), I will sometimes write a whimsical poem that ties into the central theme of each post. This creative control is what I like best about blogging. That and you get to meet so many great people along the way!
eunique-kollection-coachella-fringe-kaii-top-fashion-blogger-6 Eunice donning Edge I-Wear's Glamour Girl shades
3. How would you describe your fashion style? Feminine, edgy, chic, & petite. I add that last one in there because every person has to dress to their body shape, which affects the types of clothing you will choose to wear (i.e. heels > flats, high waisted > low waist/drop waist, etc.). Being of petite build, you will rarely catch me in maxi skirts or hemlines below the knee (minus pants). Despite these limitations, I still have an eclectic style and to be honest, my style depends mostly on the weather.
eunique_kollection1 Image via Eunice Kim
4. What is one fashion accessory that you cannot leave home without? A bag, necklace, and a jacket; You need something to carry all your stuff, necklaces can instantly elevate any outfit no matter how plain, and I get cold easily. 5. Since it’s summer, where have/will you be headed for vacay? I'll be going into the desert to Joshua Tree for a camping trip with friends. I can't wait to stargaze and savor these warm summer nights!  We hope that you have fun taking in the beauty at Joshua Tree, Eunice! It's THE perfect place for stargazing! So there you have it folks! Be sure to check out Eunice's super cool blog where she talks about fashion, fun, and more! Visit her site here at: And speaking of bloggers, who are some of YOUR favorite fashion bloggers? Let us know in the comments below and maybe you'll be seeing them featured on our page soon! 

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