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Colored Hair Trends!

Maybe you've seen these hair stars on Instagram or Facebook or even in person at Coachella, but guaranteed, its not the last time you'll see them...the rainbow hair trend is here to stay! Each season, the color gets more and more unique, read on to see some of our favorite styles.

rainbow hair Rainbow Hair via Instagram @Guy_Tang
Rainbow hair: Not for the faint of heart, this rainbow trend is truly the most out there trend of all. Whether you go left to right or from top to bottom, there are hundreds of ways to do this trend. Stay true to ROYGBIV or go the pastel route, confidence is key with this style. They don't call it unicorn hair for nothing, so go on and rock it!
hidden color Hidden Hair Color by @hugosalon
Hidden color: Are you in a more conservative office? Don't fret, there is still a way to get beautiful non-conventional hair colors!Check out this hidden color style, business on top, and party underneath. Get creative with the colors underneath, all you'll have to do is pull your up and voila, colored hair!
lavender.jpg Smokey Lavender Hair by @brandonpartin at @mc_salon
Lavender/Grey hair: This is a trend that has been around for a while, from silver to grey to lavender all are beautiful colors to have. This is one of those more damaging styles (especially those with dark hair) as it requires a lot of bleach to lift color to a near white. While many colorists can do this in one go, many prefer several sessions to lift the color gently to prevent completely frying the hair. Be patient, your perfect color could take a few tries to reach, but the end result will be gorgeous!
rose gold.jpg Rose Gold Hair from Sunday Chapter
Rose Gold hair: This new trend is popping up on many fashion bloggers heads! This amazing color is almost like a pink but not quite... the many tones in rose gold makes it super unique to have. This color often starts with medium blonde hair with pastel pinks  or pastel red dyed in. The blonde creates the shiny illusion of gold and the pastel pink blends for a rose gold/copper feel. What hair colors are you willing to try? These colors all take a lot of effort to maintain but the results are beautiful. Let us know what you think of this trend!

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