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Blogger Interview with Casshole.Yee

One of our favorite influencers is Cassie Yee of @casshole.yee. Her gorgeous ever changing hair and super glamorous lashes are some of her signature staples in her chic style. We absolutely love working with Cassie and want to give our readers a little more insight on this super fun fashionista.




Why did you start documenting your outfits? Was there an inspiration?

I always loved fashion and people would always compliment my outfits so I thought I'd share them with my followers. I always get excited when I wear a cute outfit and I'm like "everyone needs to see this!" So I like to share my unique sense of style.

You are still so young but have a huge fan base, how does it feel that you are so widely recognized?

I personally don't think I'm "widely recognized," people tell me I am but really I'm actually really lame and average, LOL. I still feel the same as I did when I had 600 followers- mostly from school!




How do you balance school time and blogging time?

Honestly, I try to update my blog as much as I can and I post daily on Instagram but lately school has been taking up the majority of my time. Since I do independent study I have more free time to shoot and usually have designated-homework days which are strictly for studying and finishing my homework. During the school year I usually focus more on blogging to be honest but during the summer my classes are so fast that I barely have time to blog at all! I still post on Instagram every day but it's hard for me to update my actual blog.

One think you can't leave your house without?

There's a lot of things I can't leave the house without; makeup, charger, wallet, and definitely my shades! I can't even count the number of times I would forget my shades and be squinting into the sun. I also always bring a jacket- you never know when life's going to throw a bunch of wind and coldness at you! I also always need my phone charger because my phone stays dying fast and my makeup in case I need to touch up anything!




Where do you draw your clothing inspiration from?

Ever since I was little I always had a unique taste in fashion. I was always the stylish one, different one, the one that wears things people don't dare to wear. Back then I drew my inspiration pretty much by whatever I liked, and now that there's social media and whatnot I get inspired by many bloggers! I love thrifting and being creative and also making my own clothes or altering them.

Favorite place you've done photo shoots at?

The best places I've done photoshoots at are the hidden places that you accidentally find. At first, we went to the Legion of Honor in San Francisco but then we decided to explore around it, and also down Highway 1; which is absolutely beautiful. I definitely love the city but it's its hidden treasures that I love the most!

Keep an eye out for a special giveaway next week with Cassie!

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