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90's Making a Comeback!

The 90's were a weird time in fashion-grungy, edgy, and lets be real...borderline dirty looking at times, but many styles and fashions have come back into the spot light this year. The clothes and accessories have made their way back into our hearts in a huge way and here are some of our favorites! The Crop Top

crop tops tops from
Look on any fashion retailer site and you'll definitely find a whole page dedicated to a variety of crop tops: clubbing, casual, floral, cute, off the shoulder, flowy, lacy. The crop top trend has even made it into many wedding scenes in two piece sets for either the bride or her bridesmaids. Dressed up or dressed down, the crop top might be here to stay for a while! Do you have a favorite? The Choker
chokers chokers from
Whether its the tattoo chokers we chewed on as kids or thick ribbon chokers or thin velvet bow chokers, this accessory is definitely the number one seller in necklaces right now. Look for chokers with charms or metal tips, layer them with other dainty necklaces, or big jewels. There are so many ways to creatively wear this necklace and with the 90's fashion coming back, anything goes. The Platform Shoes
shoes shoes from
These wild shoes will be the center of attention if you have them on. We're not talking platform heels, we're talking sandals with a 3 in foam base or sneakers that are a couple inches off the ground (but still flat). They're making a comeback in many music scenes - black ones for the pop rock concerts, metallic silver gogo shoes for the ravers. They're a comfortable alternative to heels and are much kinder to the your arches and toes. Maybe you still have a pair laying around from your teen days? The Round Sunglasses
round sun sunglasses from
We round up our favorite accessories with round sunglasses of course in multicolored mirror lenses. The big, bold style of the 80's were quickly replaced by the small minimal style of the 90's. Every young celebrity and musician sported a pair of these¬†back then and while they had a short fall out, they are making their way back bigger than ever. Round glasses don't all have to be just round, many have accents that spice them up. Which styles are you sporting again from your childhood or teen years? We're definitely picking up a few of each !  

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